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Take Screen Shots, Quickly, Simply and for Free...

Screen Clipper lets you capture everything that can be seen on your computer screen, quicker and easier than ever before.

With Screen Clipper you will be adding screen shots to E-Mails, Documents, Presentations etc. in a snap.

Unlike other programs Screen Clipper does not have dozens of features and options to confuse you and it is completely free for anyone to use.

Screen Clipper requires no installation and  doesn't mess with your Windows Registry. In fact it leaves no footprints behind and is perfectly at home running on a USB stick. (*)

Screen Clipper makes taking screen shots easy again.

How does it work?

Ok start Screen Clipper, position it over the screen area to clip, set its size to match the area and click on the tick. The clipper spotlights the selected area, so it is easy to see what you are about to clip.

Screen Clipper in Action

and here is the screen shot clip.

Resulting screen shot clip

We said it was quick and easy didn't we.

Screen Clipper copies the clip to the Windows Clipboard. From there you can Paste it into any application.

You can also choose to save each clip as a Jpeg file in the My Documents\Screen Clipper folder. *When this option is off, nothing is stored on your PC.

Screen Clipper can be set to reside in the System Tray or Close after each clipping. When Screen Clipper resides in the System Tray you can double click on its icon Screen Clipper Icon to take a new clip or right click on the icon to access its context menu.

These settings are on the Options dialog which is opened by clicking Screen Clipper Options button or choosing Options... from the System Tray right click menu.

What's the catch!

If it's free, what's the catch? Its quite simple, Screen Clipper is a very small part of our much more powerful product Surfulater.

Surfulater enables you to capture text and images from any application, edit it, add comments, organize it with tags and folders and quickly find information again. If you spend time any on the Web (which we all do) you will find Surfulater is the perfect Web companion, enabling you to permanently keep all of the great information you spend so much time and effort searching for.

If you like what you see with Screen Clipper we hope you will try Surfulater and find it so amazingly useful you will buy a copy. What's more we'll even give Screen Clipper users a special Surfulater discount.

So how do I get my free copy?

Download Screen Clipper Now Simply click on the Download image to get your free copy. ScreenClipper is only 205KB and will download in just a few seconds. No installation is required, just run the downloaded .exe file and you are all set.

ScreenClipper.exe V1.0.0.0 has been tested on over 40 Virus Scanners which report:  No Viruses or Malware found. Results here and here.

What about that Surfulater discount you mentioned?

Sign up to our mailing list and be the first to know about new Screen Clipper features and releases. As a special bonus we'll send you a great Surfulater discount when you activate your subscription. We won't share your address with anyone and you can opt-out at any time.

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Contact Us

We welcome and look forward to your feedback on Screen Clipper and Surfulater. You can contact us via. the E-Mail address we send to you, when you sign up to our mailing list.

Screen Clipper is developed and published by Soft As It Gets Pty Ltd. Our other products include Surfulater and ED for Windows. Soft As It Gets has a long history of developing and delivering quality software and great support.

Please come back and visit us at www.screenclipper.com again soon.

The first release of Screen Clipper is now available for download. We've had some great feedback from our early users and look forward to incorporating suggested new features and enhancements into future releases.

Download Screen Clipper NowClick on the Download image to get your free copy of Screen Clipper now.